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It doesn’t matter if we’re seeing you for a simple checkup and cleaning, a smile restoration or anything in between, our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional experience that you’ll never forget! Dr. David Bell, Dr. Barbara Honor and Dr. Brian Bell gives a full compliment of dental services to all ages, from the youngest children to great-great grandparents, and always with a gentle touch and lasting results. We are proud of our focused training and our ability to offer solutions to all of your dental challenges.

Something to Smile About

You and your kids will feel completely comfortable in our office because we hire caring, qualified staff members to serve your family.

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Convenient Dental Care

Conveniently located at one of our three locations, we’re close to where you live and work. Make an appointment for each family member with our dentists for the same day, and you’ll make going to the dentist easier than ever before!

Regular Appointments are CRITICAL!

We feel that it is extremely important that your family members get regularly scheduled cleaning visits. Each of our smiles are injured every day from:

  • oral bacteria
  • acidy foods like grapes
  • sugary drinks
  • medications
  • sports and physical activities

Missing your appointment means cavities grow, bacterial slime thickens, acid-softened enamel falls away and unhappy gums start bleeding.

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Our Promise To You

Because we want to be your complete family dentistry source, our compassionate staff members dedicate themselves to your complete dental care. Not only do we care for your gums, smile and teeth, but we also provide gentle, caring dental work. We want to give you something to smile about, so we provide affordable dentistry, friendly dental staff and positive solutions to dental concerns.

Why Do We Stand Out?

One thing our patients and their families really appreciate is that we know not to scold them about taking better care of their teeth and gums. Since we know that doesn’t work, we explore with them to establish an oral health routine that fits into their lifestyle. We also provide education to arm them to make good decisions regarding their oral health.

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